Pain Management/Hospice Care

Transdermal treatment for Pain Management/Neuropathy/Muscular pain/Arthritis:

We have worked with several physicians including pain management specialists and podiatrists to formulate topical pain cream for Arthritis, diabetic (neuropathic) pain. With a potent and effective topical pain cream, the patient will experience less systemic side-effects such as drowsiness, GI upset, drug interactions, constipation etc.

Why does our cream work well? QUALITY, QUALITY AND QUALITY

We start out with very high quality ingredient such as high grade chemical and our base, Lipoderm, is one of the best in the industry. Lipoderm facilitates maximum penetration of the chemical through the skin while minimizing blood absorption.

We can provide injectable antibiotics, Electrolyte replacement, TPNs/Enteral therapy, IVIG, Hemophilia therapy, back-ordered medications and many more

State Certified Sterile Room


We have a state-of-the-art clean ISO-7 and board-certified clean room. In addition, we have a rigorous QUALITY CONTROL program in place, which runs both qualitative and quantitative testing on our compounds.

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