Veterinary Compounding Services

Ever tried to get your cat or your ferret to swallow a pill? We KNOW! Giving medicines to your pets can be a real challenge. Your pet may reject the medicines because of its yucky taste or unappealing smell or he/she may just need the medicine at a special strength that the commercial products do not come in. That's where we come in! Imagine rubbing the medication on the cat's ear instead of making her swallow it!! And giving your dog the yummy bacon/chicken liver tasty thyroid treat!!!

As a compounding pharmacy, we will work with your veterinarians to create creative solutions to medication therapy. We can prepare medications in easy-to-give, custom-flavored dosage forms that your pets will happily devour. Whether your pet is a cat, dog, horse, rabbit, bird, reptile, or a large, exotic pets, we are equipped to help you and them!

From simple flavoring to erase the unflattering taste or smell to customized dosage strengths and forms that are not commercially available, we can help. Here are a few potential solutions to help with your veterinary needs.

  • Anti-seizures, diabetic,
  • hyperthyroidism, parasitic infections,
  • appetite stimulants,
  • Antidotes/treatments for accidental animal poisoning
  • Transdermal analgesics/NSAIDs to avoid GI tract irritation
  • Polyox bandages/coatings for wound/stitches
  • Transdermal, anti-inflammatory gel for torn ligaments
  • UTIs infection treatment
  • Customized shampoo to treat seborrhea in cats, dogs or "rain-rot" in horses
  • Hair-ball remedy for cats
  • Transdermal anti-nausea medication that can be applied to the outer ear surface
  • Vitamins and tonics, etc.

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